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Everyday Wellness is an Interactive E-Book and LIVE Demonstration for Women who are in need of guidance, direction and/or a focus along their path to living an Optimal and Healthy Life. The book takes the reader on an step-by-step in-depth journey of Holistic Devices, Tips, Tools and Journal prompts that discuss the psychology, history and sentiment of ambitious Women - seeking to break free from cycles of unhealthy habits and strengthen their relationship with Self. The short film, shot in The Spice Island of Grenada, depicts aspects of these writings immersing the reader fully into the Holistic World. 

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"By far one of the best purchases of my life. I enjoyed the Journal Prompts + the views in the Video were astounding."
Ja-Mila Thompson
"I feel heard, understood and Affirmed as Woman. After reading this, I know I'm on a much better track. "
Brenda Fraiser