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You Did It!

You showed Up for Yourself. Self-Care + Self LOVE is the Highest Most Supreme Form of Love. Remember that this Day. We are glad to serve our Community with Local
Retreat Experiences like this:) Enjoy a Complimentary 1-1 Session w/ Founder & Practitioner Kayla.

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Founder, Donovan Woodberry

Kayla L. Harley, Founder of The Beebodi Marketplace

Special Thanks to: Polished Events, Lakeesha & Ron Samuels, Consultant
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"I was drawn to Kayla's Energy just by scrolling on TikTok, I decided to say to a trip to Grenada and could not have Imagined going on a Retreat w/ anyone else. Amazing."
Janeil Pierce, Pilot

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"I feel inspired. I did not know how much I needed this. I will be coming back next year. I'd like to bring my Daughter's next time."
Darnell "Flash" Gordon
Military, Personnel

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