Breathe w/ bee

No More Drama Get Rid of that Trauma

Kayla Harley is an International Wellness Practitioner, Optimal Breathologist and Certified GYROKINESIS® + GYROTONIC® Trainer, Founder of The Beebodi Marketplace  who believes firmly that the body has the power to heal itself through Somatic Energy Techniques, Breathwork and Guidance. Interactive E-Book includes: step-by-step journey providing Holistic devices, tools tips with Journal Prompts that discuss the psychology, history and sentiment of Ambitious Women deserving a more Optimal Healthy Life.

The Beebodi Marketplace Testimonials

1. (T’shai ) | Living with Bronchitis, Overcoming her Limitations using the Breathing Techniques 

2. ( Rachelle )| Connects Deeply with the Intention behind each Session she has had with Kayla